Initiatives of The Celiac Society of India

  1. Awareness drive about celiac disease and gluten related disorders among health professionals, education institutions and food industry.
  2. Facilitate timely diagnosis of the disease, finding newer and cheaper techniques.
  3. Establish guidelines for breast feeding and infant feeding practices to prevent the disease.
  4. Advocacy amongst policy makers and regulatory bodies.
  5. Encourage research through the establishment of research funds.
  6. Organise celiac clinics, case study presentations, lectures, workshops, seminars, National & International conferences and special events including food festivals and recipe competitions.
  7. Sensitisation of food manufacturers, hotels and restaurants. Working together and providing them with information on gluten content. Providing know-how and gluten-free alternatives to food handlers, restaurants, food facilities and airlines. Sensitising food industry for better labelling, and full disclosure of all sources of gluten on packaging.
  8. Associate with other institutions nationally and globally engaged in similar activities.
  9. Provide psychological support to families suffering from celiac disease by sharing of experience and success stories.
  10. Undertake programmes for providing financial assistance to the underprivileged people suffering from celiac disease.
  11. To identify alternate gluten-free grains like millets and create special recipes to make gluten free food easily accessible and reasonable.
  12. Mark December 4th as Celiac Day and Dec 4 - 10 Celiac week.